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There is a good chance that our most recent election serves America best by letting us recognize that the system we have claimed as the best democracy on the planet is in need of some improvement. We were again given only two choices that most of us didn’t want to make, and that should make us question if our system is really promoting the will of the people. …

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After recent events in which the president of the United States asked Georgia state officials to help him cheat in the 2020 election and incited a riot in Washington DC to protest democracy, many are questioning the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the 45th president from office. Unfortunately, it’s a bit complicated, and it might prove to be more harmful than helpful.

The challenge with the 25th Amendment is that it requires more commitment to country than to power and party, and the members of the Trump administration and his allies have proven throughout the last four years and his impeachment that they are beholden to Trump until the bitter end. Even after the Capital was attacked by a mob orchestrated by Trump to not concede and “fight”, 27% of the members of Congress voted to uphold the objections to American democracy and continue entertaining the accusations started by Trump over 4 years before the election took place. …

“Enough”a poem by Steve McAllister

we don’t really need to serve our traditions of debt

that tell us that life must be tough

at any time we can say there will be no more

we can embrace the idea of enough

we don’t need to serve the economy of more

we don’t need to continually enable greed

we can take a step back and take a deep breath

and reconsider what we really need

but, some may say, what about all my rights

to have all that I can purchase

you’re certainly free to hoard up all you…

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I’m thinking of going into comedy. For the last ten years or so, I’ve been writing mostly serious stuff about the economy and human evolution and all of that sort of thing, and I can’t say that it entirely fills me with joy. It also kind of sucks that so few ever read it, but I’ve not been that diligent in my marketing.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing songs this year, and will continue to write and produce one song a month (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise), but I think 2021 needs some more laughs. I mean, laughter is what got a lot of people through 2020, and it could be a pivotal element of the healing we need. …

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After attending the SRQ New Year’s Eve party at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium and seeing a band perform a rousing rendition of “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, one of my first endeavors for the new year was to learn how to play the iconic Def Leppard song myself. While it was certainly fun to play, it soon dawned on me that my energy would be better used in writing a song of my own. Staying in the key of Am, I started to let the chords come together, and eventually a melody came to mind.

I recorded myself singing the melody in a “na na na” refrain and listened to it as I ran some errands. Still not sure about what the song was about, I reached out to the woman who’d given me a New Year’s kiss and asked her to be my muse. She said that the song was about “finding beauty in the brokenness, living in the moment or the journey… vulnerability,” and so the song “Broken” came to be. …

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I’m having a bit of a challenge talking about the problems of the world and, more importantly, how we move beyond them. Part of the challenge is the limitation of our language. Until recently, much of my interaction with the world has been through the Facebook platform, as with an estimated 69% of the adult population of the United States. Since more Americans are registered for Facebook than are registered to vote, it is probably a more accurate representation of the American population, yet I’m still often dismayed by the limitations of our vocabulary.

Granted, this is a time when a good portion of the population is either angry about the state of our republic, or angry at other people for being angry at the state of our republic. Since anger rarely breeds intelligence, a good majority of our political conversations descend into the simple classifications of people as “liberal” or “conservative”, or for those who need to fit their world view into an even smaller box, Democrats and Republicans. …

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Shortly after a friend encouraged me to read Ancient Futures by Helena Norberg-Hodge, another friend encouraged me to watch The Economics of Happiness, a documentary by the author, Steven Gorelick and John Page. Both the book and the film shine a light on Ladakh, an area in the Himalayas that was, up until very recently, simple and sustainable, providing a relatively happy life for all who lived there. …

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For a few years, before I decided to participate in my year-long non-monetary lifestyle experiment, I mulled over this concept of what I’ve come to call ABC2 Economics. I called it the WeBMaP at the time. In my mind, it only seemed right to find a more balanced solution to our financial predicament by realizing the interconnectedness of the online network through the capacity to chart the directional flow of information toward our roles as Artists, Businesses, Citizens, and Community members. …

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On January 1 of this year I wrote a song called “Broken”. I’ve applied myself to about twenty songs before in my life, including three written with my friend Matt Corbin. Generally, when they come, I start picking around with chords first, then find the melody, get snagged by the hook, and then flesh out the narrative, lyrics, and bridge.

For this particular song, as with quite a few before and since, I decided to engage the services of a muse. I’d spent a few hours with the chords and even recorded myself singing a “na-na-na” refrain of the melody to listen to as I ran errands on my bike, but I didn’t know what the song was about. …

while we’re building a global economy

there are a few things we need to consider

before we get too excited

and our hearts get all a-twitter

the first thing we need to realize

about this thing that we call money

is that it came from our imagination

just like the easter bunny

every mark put in a ledger

every euro, yen, and penny

every dollar, peso, rupee, and pound

the forms money takes are many

but the reality is that we made them all up

they sprouted from our minds

we would be wise to best learn how to use…


Steve McAllister

I write songs, poetry, articles, books, and other collections of words. I also like to sing, act, make videos and dream up stuff. My website is

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